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Welcome to the 4th BIM users meeting (EUBIM)

Yes, we BIM

Building Information modelling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing data from the a building during its life cycle, using dynamic modelling software in 3D and in real time, to diminish losses in time and resources during the design and construction. This process produces the information model of the building ( also called BIM model), that covers the geometry of the building, the spatial relations, the geographical information and the quantities and properties of the components.

BIM is a work methodology in the design-construction-explotation process that allows to share information between all agents participating, the efective collaboration between them and the reduction of the uncertainty degree that exists in all construction project.

In Spain is still an emergent methodology, but more and more known and considered between the professionals and companies form the construction sector. In other european countries it is already an aware and use methodology, until the extreme that in, for example,  the United Kingdom all the projects promoted by the public administration will need to use and be developed with BIM.

In the previous year, 2014, we celebrated the 2nd BIM national congress  in Construction, that at the same time was taking the relay from the successful 2013 congress, the first congress at national level celebrated in Spain and the second meeting between Spanish BIM users, also celebrated in the Building engineering school from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

We pretend that this congress drives to a better understanding knowledge of the level of development of the BIM methodology in our country, divulge the real experiences ( with its lights and shadows) of those professionals and companies that have already started with this methodology in managing construction projects, allows to connect training  demands and requirements needed to start with the BIM methodology. Besides this, its our desire to know the latests news, progresses and tendencies from software vendors and developers, and of course its our aim too to create connections and contacts between all the ones we are completely convinced that this methodology and technique is being efficient and beneficial in the projects in which is being used.

If you are interested in knowing more details about the 2015 BIM - EUBIM International Congress, we encourage you to actively participate in this re-evolution that we consider it is necessary in our sector.

The EUBIM 2015 organizing committee.
The International EUBIM Conference 2015



8 y 9 de Mayo, Valencia

Cartel EUBIM 2015

EUBIM 2015 / The International EUBIM Conference 2015/ 4th BIM users meeting / 8 and 9 de May 2015 in Valencia, Spain.