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150€ Early to April 10th
250€ Early to May 4th
500€ on Site
Post graduate student
150€ Early to April 10th
150€ Early to May 4th
500€ on Site
Authors of accepted papers
150€ Early to May 4th
Groups from 5 people, one invoice only, under a same VAT number/ Company or Personal Reference,
150€ Early to May 4th




Additional options ENROLLED in Congress

Professional Autodesk® Certification Exams Revit 2015. (Friday, May 8th, from 9:00 11:30 h) Limited number of seats:

Revit Architecture 2015 in Latin American Spanish


Revit Architecture 2015 in English


Revit MEP 2015 in English 


ou can add the following services for companions:

08th May, Lunch

15 €

08th May, Dinner

30 €

09th May, Lunch

45 €


3. What does include the registration to EUBIM 2015?

Free attendance to all the papers and communication presentations.

Welcome pack with accreditation, program of the Conference, custom code from free access to the UPV Wifi, sponsor, tourist and UPV institutional advertising, etc.

Lunch on Friday 8th at the venue of the conference.

Dinner on Friday 8th in the restaurant indicating by the Organization of the Conference.

Lunch on Saturday 9th, consisting of traditional Valencian cuisine, in the maritime area of Valencia.

Book of minutes of EUBIM 2015 collecting all the communications presented and accepted at the Conference, edited by the Editorial Universitat Politècnica de València, ISBN, and in digital format.

Certificate of attendance issued by the Centre for Postgraduate Training of the Universitat Politècnica de València.

4. What does not include the registration to EUBIM 2015?

Any concept not made explicit in paragraph 3 "What does include the registration to EUBIM 2015?"

5. Voluntary options to request together with the registration to EUBIM 2015

If you wish to register for any of the additional activities that we have prepared for EUBIM 2015, tou may do so on the registration form. The amount of the activity (s) requested (s) will be added to the general registration which apply to you.

 These activities have limited seats due to the capacity of computer labs used, so a strict chronological order of registration will be followed for allocating available places.

Guests not registered in the Conference may participate in social events scheduled, prior payment of the corresponding amount at the time of registration. You can choose them to consider. The amount of each marked lunch/dinner, will be added to the amount of your general registration.

6. Registration of Post graduate students (Master/PhD) in EUBIM 2015

Enrolled in a European University graduate (master or doctorate) student, enjoy a special discount for early registration for the Conference (until May 4). To qualify for the discount, you must submit copy of your enrollment/tuition in force of the course 2014-15 at the time of registration.

 From May 4th, registration happens to be general and does not apply the discount, so it is no longer required the submission of copy of enrollment/tuition.

7. Discounts to groups of 5 or more attendees.

For groups of registration of 5 or more people, attending the Conference from a company, organization, institution, etc. there is a special discount. The condition to qualify for the discount is that there will be a single invoice under a same VAT number/ Company or Personal Reference.

Any queries regarding this issue, please contact the Conference Secretariat EUBIM 2015, via mail

8. Formalization of registration

To formalize the registration please fill in the form online, with your personal data (identity card or passport required).

Select your preference as to the form of payment. Referred to modalities of payment are VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards or bank transfer. In a maximum period of 5 days, and once verified your data, will receive an email reply with confirmation of the registration, the instructions for payment by transfer or card and a copy of the record that has completed. Also you will receive your bill if you have requested.

In the case of master and doctorate students must justify this condition attaching copy of tuition for the academic year 2013-2014. Any registration that not has been formalized according to the payment instructions given or which is not accompanied by the required documentation, will be cancelled and will require a new registration with current prices at the time.

9. On-site registration

The on-site EUBIM registration will be made in the EUBIM Conference registration office, located in the ETSIE School’s lobby at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Building 1B Vera Campus -see plane in section "Contact" page web-).

Registration will be open from 9:00 to 12:00 am.

Registration is nominal and it is necessary to submit the ID of the person to register.

It is mandatory to pay by credit card.

The number of entries is limited, performing first-served basis.

On-site registration must be done in person , not admitting other media for reservation.

10. Return Policy

If you wish to cancel EUBIM2015 registration, you can request a refund of the amount paid, under the following conditions:

Until April 7: Return of 75% of the amount that has been paid.

From 8 April to May 2: Refund of 50% of the amount paid.

After May 3: No refund will be made.

For 5 persons groups, or more, under the special group discount: There will be no refund of one or more registrations unless the number of new registrants into the group were the same at least as unsuscribers. This is applicable throughout all the registration period, with the general conditions for refund explained above.

11. Problems during EUBIM 2015 registration?

The registration management is done by CFP of UPV University, as it happens at all conferences organized by the “Universitat Politècnica de València”. Registration management is not an Organizing Committee EUBIM 2014 Competition.

If you have any problems during the execution of the online registration or later, (with the paying time , invoice, refund, etc.), you should contact that entity through any of the following possibilities:

Centro de Formación Permanente” - UPV

Open: Monday to Friday from 11:00h to 14:00h

Building Nexus (6G), Camino de Vera, s / n Valencia, 46022

Tel: +34 963 877 751 Fax: +34 963 877 759


12. Questions about EUBIM 2015 registration?

If you have any doubt or question about EUBIM 2015 registration, before signing the online registration, please contact the Conference Secretariat through our email: We will be glad to help you.

EUBIM 2015 / The International EUBIM Conference 2015/ 4th BIM users meeting / 8 and 9 de May 2015 in Valencia, Spain.