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Following investigation and divulgation lines discussed along the National BIM Congress (EUBIM 2013 and 2014), held on May 2013 and 2014, we have chosen and are interested in receiving original information about:

1. BIM at University

We think that the University must be a essential change agent of divulgation, lecture and investigation of new construction project methodologies. Future professionals on this sector should finish their degrees with competent enough skills on both knowledge and application tools of this methodologies. In the same way, encouragement and reaching of investigation results in this fields is, in our opinion, essential for growing and development of our productive sector.

1.1 Investigation 

Original dossiers resulting from a investigation work (finished or still in progress) focused on BIM or relating a essential role of BIM methodologies in the dossier.

Doctoral thesis authors, finl master’s degree dossiers, final degree projects and investigation groups or individuals are invited to present their dossiers.

1.2 Lecture 

Original dossiers based on real programming and implementing experience of BIM tools on offcial degree and master’s programmes: objectives, problems and possibilities, lecturing methodology, leturing paths, final results, future.

University lecturers and BIM lecturers out of the university programmes intrested in presenting their specific lecturing experience on learning and learning paths of BIM tools are specially invited to present their works in this subject.

1.3 Employment opportunities 

Employment opportunities and new job positions created as consequence of the application of BIM methodologies on construction projects.

We are very interested in receiving original dossiers about employment expectatives opened as a consequence of mastering BIM methodologies, degrees and skills requested by employers and real people cases that have found an employment due to their BIM knowledge: location of hiring offers, requested skills, required skills and knowledge demonstrations along the selection process, etc.

2. BIM construction and design

Evolution of building, constructing, costs and budgeting with BIM design. Some of this aspects can be managed with BIM tools, in order to improve costs, buildings and services management.

Dossiers can be focused on the way that BIM affects processes of:

2.1 Costs, dimensioning and budgeting

We are specially focused costs, dimensioning and budgeting process in the design and construction.

2.2 Management of the TI

The use of BIM for the maintenance of technological infrastructures and management of its information, including its connection with other elements of the building, whether structural or not.

2.3 Management of the spaces

An example of this is the current need to create complete catalogues that allow the user to have all the services supported by the infrastructure available, like booking classrooms, catering requests, management of parking spaces, moving services, management of keys and visitors, and a lot more, depending on the possibilities of each organisation.

2.4 The maintenance of assets, preventive and corrective maintenance

For operational maintenance plans (tasks that allow an asset to continue working in an optimal state)

2.5 Point Cloud applications

Scanning and reproduction of spaces through point clouds to BIM applications and its connection with Facility Manegement.

2.6 Facility Management

Evolution of Facility Management thanks to the influence of BIM and its possibilities.

2.7 BIM methodology to serve FM

How the use of BIM becomes a strategic advantage for the Facility Management company.

2.8 Property and legality in BIM

Legal, Industrial and Intellectual Property aspects within BIM



3. Real life experiences with BIM

Real life experiences after the use of BIM as a work methodology. The use of BIM is associated with major change, and therefore resistance tends to be found and in turn it doesn’t always end happily if not carried out correctly.

This will be the most practical theme of the congress and we’re interested in information on the following:

3.1 Real life experiences

Testimonies from local companies that have implemented BIM as a work methodology, including a description of the process that has made the transition to this new methodology possible, problems encountered and the results achieved.

3.2 Success cases
Referring to the previous point, we want information on the benefits obtained as a consequence of the BIM implementation, above all looking at the new business opportunities offered to the company thanks to the use of BIM methodology.

3.3 Coordination of the different agents of the constructive process

The coordination solutions between the different agents that are involved in the constructive process in our country.

3.4 Processes

New processes after the use of the BIM methodology in the workplace.

3.5 Workflow adaptations

Adaptations to the existing workflow in a company to the new requirements as a consequence of the BIM implementation.

3.6 Creation of construction documents

Changes in the construction documents due to the inclusion of new production methods.

EUBIM 2015 / The International EUBIM Conference 2015/ 4th BIM users meeting / 8 and 9 de May 2015 in Valencia, Spain.